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I wrote this post long ago, before working with the current company S.p.A. with which I collaborate, today.

The “transition” between the old society “GmbH” and the new ‘Inc.’
It was a period full of telephone conversations, meetings and knowledge, with many people
(I think having spoken between your phone and personal meetings: at least 150/180 Recruiter / HR / A.D. (Managing Directors / CEOs))

I will tell my story of that period, speaking in the present tense,
I saw that what you read, now, as you already mentioned, I wrote in my “transition” between the old society “GmbH” and the new “S.p.A.”.

“It ‘a bit’ of time (which is becoming too – Ed) I am trying to change jobs: for now in Italy, though, are now aware that the final and the final choice will be abroad, but for now I can to language issues that I’m investigating.

Who says he wants to stay in Italy and does not go abroad, “for love of country” is only saying it because it is not familiar with the English language, otherwise it would have already departed from light years!
Do not believe the various “false patriotism”.
You are here, in Italy, like me, because your English is not “flowing” and does not allow you to go away from Italy and work abroad.

So we said?
Right: language issues that I’m investigating.

In free time I’m trying to improve my level of English to take him to the level: Intermediate (B2) to Upper Intermediate (C2).
(So the premise is necessary, for all that you will read shortly, to prevent you getting wrong ideas to get quick and easy conclusions Italian!)

I currently work in Italy for a “classical srl” under 15 employees (it is not accidental that the number is below 15 dipenndenti.
Those working in HR / Human Resources / or does Recruiter: well aware that the protections under 15 employees, in Italy, does not exist in the companies).

For various reasons that I am here writing, I would change society.

I said: “easy to change work! What does it take?
A Web Marketing Manager with almost 20 years of online experience, anyone will want it in your business!
Experience is critical to grow the revenue of a company! ”

But my search for job change, and many facts in person interviews, alas, made me discover how low we arrived as a country Italy, but above all as people: Italians.

I speak with “pischelli” fresh fresh university, or with a few years of experience,
good guys / and experience but with 0 (zero) in the field: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing.
I also speak with people “anzianotta” too old to understand the potential of the internet.
I also speak with vultures in search of “fresh meat” for their clients and / or their company.
I talk to various characters, that if they were imitations on TV, I would do so many laughs to hear them and even see them.

In some cases, I even had to explain the difference between an SEO and a SEM! (I bet you even know the laws that :-p)
Yes, because in job ads (written by the individuals mentioned above – ed), it is often customary to make the “great soups” of terms such as: “We are looking for an SEM SEO SOCIAL MEDIA WEB MARKETING PROJECT MANAGER”
(5 people in a – nrd)
And these individuals, should “rate me” as a Web Marketing Manager? And on what basis (since we do not have – ed)?

And why do you talk to them? You’re probably wondering …
Simple, I have to “talk” with them, because they are different: HR / Human Resources / Recruiter, that companies put there to “supervise” the “quality” of the people.
They decide: who to enter, and who greet diplomatically.

Much talk and no signed contract.
As I say: “a lot of smoke and no fire.”

They (HR / Human Resources / Recruiter) are competing to lower wages in the sector: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing.
Seeking professionals with senior skills, but offer you payroll by Junior (not to mention an intern – ed)
It is shortly and will yourself to pay them to work!

Moreover, to make matters worse the reduced economic exploitation to the bone, for some years
Always for them (HR / Human Resources / Recruiter), also goes “fashion” to enter in any job advertisement in the industry: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing
(At the very end, the last line of work – ed):

– Fluent Inglese is mandatory (french preferred but not mandatory).
– Request very good knowledge of English
– The knowledge of fluent English is requirement for participation in the selection process.
– Proficient in Inglese.
– Excellent written and spoken English.
– Excellent knowledge of the English language both written and spoken (the interview will be entirely in English).
– Fluent verbal and written Inglese (Inglese mother tongue is a plus)
– It requires an excellent knowledge of English is also an advantage knowledge of a second language.
– Obligatory knowledge of English both written and spoken.
– Inglese mandatory, additional languages are welcome Also.
– He knows fluent English.
– It ‘required fluency in English language.
– Online Marketing Manager with English.
– And ‘required to be Mother English language.
– Good knowledge of English language.
– It will constitute an essential feature of the fluent knowledge of English.
– Speaks fluently in English.
– Foreign languages: English spoken and written (the Mandate) – spoken and written French (not the Mandate)
– Fluency in Italian and Inglese are required.
– It ‘required fluent knowledge of English, both written and spoken.
– Fluent knowledge of English

– Exc., Etc., Etc..

Let’s talk about work in Italy, where the market is Italy and not foreign!
There is no “export” to manage with Indian-Russian-Chinese or other “aliens” who do not speak our language: Italian.
Let’s talk about Italian customers to manage, in Italy!
But they (HR / Human Resources / Recruiter) want English, because their customers (or even themselves), they can not speak in Italian!

They are almost always corporations that feel “the smell of Italian money” and open up its own subsidiary in Italy.
Come here, with the bag full of money, and with the arrogance of the “invaders / colonizers” of our country: Italy

So what are you looking for?

A Web Marketing Manager or Translator English-French-German-Chinese-Indian-Spanish-Russian?
(Other languages I have added, to exaggerate the absurdity of what is happening today in Italy in the sector: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing – ed)

Because I understand, from my personal experience:
in Italy, the Italian is no longer enough to work: N.B. in Italy and not in London or in New York!
So, I came to the conclusion that the Italian language is useless if you want to work in Italy, in the field: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing!

And because there are no more Online Marketing Manager-only Italian language?

Because the Italian (the individual over the language – editor’s note) is a species in danger of extinction.

Italian companies (the few that remain and not bankrupt – editor’s note) you are given “to the International fashion” trying to “mimic” the great managers:
exhaustive: fluent English, otherwise you do not work in the sector: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing.

Needless to say that you have experienced.
I do not want people with character, but puppets to maneuver for their own use!
The important thing is that you can speak English, for them, who do not speak!
You must know how to speak English, fluently! (So, finally, they do not speak it, they will have someone to speak for them in their company – ed)

They want a translator for the foreign and not a professional: Web Marketing Manager.
Pity then that is their “managers” and various “A.D. / Managing Directors”
in addition to employees Human Resources / HR / Recruiter: not know how to speak in English-French-German-Chinese-Indian-Spanish-Russian!
and to write the job announcement, thanks to Google Translator, or at most with the support of a colleague “British”.

Then there are the foreign companies, and various “characters” in the industry: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing, you do the “jocks British” (although not even they themselves British! – ed)
and they do not even know a word of Italian, but nevertheless come here to colonize with their language, customs and traditions!

The real problem is that these individuals do not accept “intermediate figures” between the Web Marketing Manager and them.
You must know how to speak their language, or do you work in your country: Italy!

Even if you try to be “diplomatic” it is useless: you’re only losing time: your time.

For them there are no interpreters, translators and all those professionals who have made foreign languages their activities.

The stranger from the limited brain does not accept and ignore the existence of such professionalism.

We went back to the Middle Ages / barbarian invasions, where the stranger, arrives: imposes its own language, customs and traditions
and changes the rules of the game, here: in Italy, for its own use and consumption. ”

If you are reading, you are an Italian / a (one / a of the few remaining / s) to work in Italy in the sector: digital / web marketing / e-commerce / seo / sem / social media / online marketing
(And then do not be surprised if a year 100,000 Italian go away from Italy
and will never return, even for the holidays – Ed) and not looking for a Translator English-French-German-Chinese-Indian-Spanish-Russian
but instead you are looking for an Online Marketing Manager, who speaks your language: Italian (despite having skills and experience in the management
of web marketing activities in foreign field, coordinated from Italy)

you can contact me by filling in the form below:

Lifestyle – Look at the Aurora Borealis on Google Maps – Street View

From today, you can admire the spectacular lights of nature on Google Maps – Google Street View.

The images are those of the Northern Lights of frozen lakes of Finland.

Click here to see the Aurora Borealis on Google Maps – Google Street View.

Northern Lights, Finland
The aurora borealis, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a natural light in the sky, especially in view of high latitude regions (Arctic and Antarctic).

The northern lights can take many different forms.

The northern lights have had a number of names throughout history.

In medieval Europe, the northern lights were commonly thought to be a sign from God.


Lifestyle – Alibaba and Zalando are quoted on the Stock Exchange. The two stars of E-Commerce.

Ready the second IPO: between New York and Frankfurt.

Alibaba, the most important Chinese Internet site that deals with e-commerce mainly in China, could be worth between 22 and 25 billion dollars
placing its shares with a fixed range between 66 and 68 US dollars.
Alibaba listing will take place on the New York Stock Exchange (Wall Street).

Zalando, another website of e-commerce, very important in Europe will quote the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, could be worth 5.6 billion euros.
The average price per share will range between 18 and 22.5 euros
Zalando, provides the lists transactions on October 3, 2014.

Zalando is an e-commerce site specializing in online sales of shoes, clothing and fashion accessories.
The company was born in 2008 (6 years ago) and has its own subsidiaries in 15 countries.
The head office is in Berlin and is led by a group of young people in their thirties.


Lifestyle – 1.2 billion subscribers in Facebook: 26 million have Italians

Total Registered Users, to date, on facebook
– 1.2 billion subscribers around the world, in 10 years, from February 4, 2004, the day of his “birth / creation”

Facebook 2013 revenue:
– $ 5 Billion

Italian users Subscribers Facebook:
– 26 million people (monthly users connected mobile (smartphones and tablet) are 15 Milion)
– Boom of users over 56, with a growth of + 40% per year
– Users 19-24 years fell from 29% to 18% (EUR 4.6 million young people)
– Users 25-29 years: 12% (3.2 million people)
– Users 36-45 years: 21% ie (5.4 million users)
– Men 52%
– Women 46%
– Unclassified 2%

Other social networks born after Facebook:
– Twitter
– Google + (plus)
– Instagram

monthly connected users from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) of the social network Facebook:
– 874 million, + 45% over the previous year, 2012.
September 30, 2013 data.

Users Distribution:
– 351 million from Asia,
– 276 million from Europe,
– 199 Million from Canada

Apps, mobile (smartphones and tablets), as Whatsapp, WeChat, subtracted users to Facebook, especially for the young target group, age group 13-18 years.

Lifestyle – Expedia penalized by Google for a campaign of “negative SEO”?

The news was announced, a few hours, by USA Today.

According to the magazine, it also may have been hit by a campaign of “negative SEO”, to increase their ranking on the list of travel sites on Google searches.

This was stated by an analysis carried out by the Searchmetrics company that discovered the problems.

The Expedia web site has lost 25% of its visibility in Google between January 12, 2014 and January 19, 2014, after they have been identified massive SEO actions to increase your online traffic through paid links activities from other sites.

The main techniques used to increase the visibility of Expedia, were so “crude” that it would be surprising if the company alone had been responsible for the link building scheme carried out in a “massive” in such a short time.

According Tober are assumed 3 roads:

1) it also could have used the artificial link building techniques, years ago, and the company has forgotten that they did and left the text links “artificial” on the web that have been identified by the latest Google algorithm updates (not Google always communicates its updates to its algorithm – ed)

2) Any department within Expedia, or an outside company, web agency, are still using these older techniques, given that Expedia is a great company, with many SEO, and various teams working with different web agency, so it is possible that an internal department to Expedia is the manager.

3) An Expedia competitor has built these text links in the past, in the course of a long period of time, to make out Expedia. This strategy, known as “negative SEO”, has become more common in recent years.

Dave McNamee, a spokesman for Expedia, declined to comment.

Whatever the reason, the Google ranking of Expedia in important research results through traveling was hit hard. For example, in a Google search using the word “hotel” the Expedia site has not appeared in any of the front pages of results, whereas in the past, the website would look at number 3 on the first page of Google according Tober.

According to the analysis of Searchmetrics, the word “hotel” was used more than 15,000 times in an “anchor text” on many websites to create text links to the main site Expedia.

What it is even more suspicious is that the color used for these text links is white on a white background, so the majority of visitors to the site would not see the words and text links.
This is one of about 10 years outdated SEO technique ago, said Tober.

All these elements support the contention that the episode Expedia on Google may have been caused by “negative SEO”.

Lifestyle – Skype: + 36% of calls in 2013. Total: 214 billion minutes of phone calls

Research by TeleGeography, according to which, by means of Skype, the VoIP phone service in 2013 were made 214 billion minutes of international phone calls, for a figure of + 36% compared to the year 2012, putting in serious difficulties companies traditional telephone.

Skype calls in HD, for devices with Apple’s A7 chip also made available.

The traffic generated by Skype phone calls has increased by more than + 50% when compared with the major players who are also the world’s traditional telephone operators.

Lifestyle – Alibaba has a higher capitalization to: eBay, Twitter and LinkedIn combined!

Over 245 Billion dollars to Alibaba, in one trading day!
The Alibaba revenues are equal to the sum of: Amazon and eBay!

Alibaba shares, Chinese e-commerce company, placed at $ 68,
They have reached $ 100 before closing at $ 93.89, with a gain of 38.1% in a single day!

Alibaba is the reference point for the Chinese online shopping, and enters the top 12 public offerings ever: after Wal-Mart and Chevron, before JPMorgan and Facebook.

Impressive numbers, for the Chinese team although less than 400 billion dollars to Google and more than 500 billion dollars of Apple.

Alibaba, it has been created by Jack Ma, a former English teacher, in an apartment in Hangzhou.

Alibaba, with 300 million customers, is an e-commerce site, be able to sell books, toys, clothing, cars.
It totals 80% of the internet traffic in China for online purchases.

The name of Alibaba shares, in the list of titles in the New York Stock Exchange is: Baba


Lifestyle – Istat: Italy 60% of households connected to the Internet

Smartphones are present in 93.1% of Italian homes, almost 6 out of 10 houses.

According to the data for the yearbook Istat 2013, the number of households has access to the Internet from home in 2013 has increased from 55.5% to 60.7%.

Out of 15 million and 138 thousand of families, those who have a connection to the internet at home are 14 million 893 thousand, and almost all have a broadband connection.

The mobile phone, Smartphone is present in 93.1% of households.
Among the most widespread technological objects in homes of Italians appears P.C. (Personal Computer – ed) 62.8%.

Lifestyle – Google has the world monopoly of online searches. Germany asks the algorithm

Germany wants to know the secret of Google, the most used search engine in the world,
and officially he asks the Google algorithm formula.

The reason for the request, according to Berlin, would be motivated by the fact that
Google has acquired a monopoly position in Europe (and beyond – ed).

The request was received from the German Ministry of Justice: Heiko Maas.
“Do not be evil” was (maybe still is? – Ed) the motto (slogan) of Google.

To date, since Google’s worldwide turnover, many things have changed since the two founders started the activities closed in their garage …

Google determines the success and / or failure of companies and individuals
seeking online visibility on the search engine.

Few know it (apart from the Web Marketing experts – ed):
Google’s algorithm, it is not only “automatic” but there is also a human component
(The faulty party – ed) to manually modify the automatic results and penalize the websites in the search engine.

Do SEO Today, Google, is equivalent to almost a “declaration of war” against Google.
Place a website in the organic results of Google, the equivalent of removing revenue to Google
through its paid platform called Google AdWords.

This is the truth for the organic ranking of sites on Google is always just a matter of money. Other than ethics and “good rules of behavior” (quality guidelines – ed) to be met in order to be positioned in Google.

Google Logo 2010Germania

Lifestyle – WhatsApp against Skype: getting ready for voice calls

Incoming the latest addition to WhatsApp (the mobile chat) announced at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Incoming voice calls.

WhatsApp against Skype?

This was announced by the website NDTV Gadgets:
the last app update for iOS, the operating system for iPhone and iPad will be prompted to enable access to the microphone so that you can make telephone calls over the Internet.

Ranking WhatsApp users:
– Asian countries (in the first positions)
– South Africa
– Spain (in sixth place).

With voice calls, WhatsApp also become a VoIP software, thus offering a service similar to Skype and other mobile apps for free calls online.

The GlobalWebIndex end estimates in May 2014 indicate that on WhatsApp platform about 19% of the population using the Internet around the world, you exchange messages.

And even Facebook, which in February 2014 announced the acquisition of WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars, has already introduced the possibility to make voice calls over the Internet with FB contacts.

In late August 2014, WhatsApp had 600 million active users per month, while in April 2014 it was 500 million active users.